Tune your tone

Thavam Music Journey was started in 2019 with a vision to offer International standard education in Music in India and Other countries through online. The founder of Thavam Music was R. THAVAM (late).With her blessings we are continuing our journey worldwide. Each faculty member is a specialist and Graduates at their particular subjects and not a single faculty teaches more than one discipline which they specialize in! Every student has a different learning curve, goals and aptitude, especially with an art form like music. Hence, more than 90% of the students take one-to-one lessons that are tailored to suit their learning needs.Some group classes may offer according to our student/parent’s wishes. We are proud and pleased to share music knowledge with you all. Wake up your hidden Musician and TUNE YOUR TONE with us.

How it works-one to one and group online

At the Academy, we work hard to give you a high quality learning experience with a clear path of progression. When you enroll for a course at the academy, we communicate what you can accomplish on successful completion of the course.
The Academy offers certificate courses, Grade exam courses and Appraisement courses with live one to one or group online classes.. All our courses are supplemented by great learning materials and tools for practice.

Certificate Programs

The whole classical music program at Thavam Music Academy is based on the mentioned grade levels -Beginner, Intermediate, Proficient, Advanced and Expert Under each level, there are several modules. Anyone who wishes to enroll can choose a module from any one of the levels as long as they have completed the prerequisites that are required to pursue that module.
Each module contains several lessons. Each lesson is taught to you by expert teachers via live online classes. Assessments are conducted at the end of each level and after the successful completion of a particular level.

Teaching Methodology

Live classes are usually held twice a week via zoom/ Google meet/Cisco Webex. One to One live classes will be conducted and based on student flexibility group classes also organized. In group classes, each class has a teacher, with up to 3 students and students will be able to see each other, interact and imbibe skills like in a real classroom. This is extremely effective as it not only helps you learn from the teacher but also from fellow students across the globe. You will also be able to gauge how you stand with respect to other students taking the same course.

Theory Book

At the beginning of each course, Thavam Music Academy will be given you a theory book based on the grade levels ( Cost will be applied). It is a wonderful tool.It has all the concepts explained,demonstrated by our expertise tutors.


We also have examinations to evaluate learning progress and after the successful completion of each module, you will receive a certificate. This will help you achieve learning with levels and grades which give you a sense of accomplishment

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